Better cotton initiative is one of a turning point in the life of Puneet Enterprises. We worked passionately towards achieving the best quality cotton. 2005 witnessed a landmark in best cotton practices, from then we worked deliberately and enthusiastically to be the part of the same. After our sincere efforts we won the BCI membership in the year 2011. And since then we are continuously upgrading ourselves. We also encourage our farmers to enrol the projects in BCI.
In collaboration with better cotton initiative we step forward to procure quality conventional as well as organic cotton production. Both the bodies are working for the production of quality cotton and supervision of supply chain activities for many international brands ( i.e CNA, H&M,GAP,ICCO,IKEA etc). Our enrolment of farmers’ project with these brands is set in marathawada farmer’s areas.


Puneet enterprises always believed in the fact of growing together. We have always tried to keep our farmers in the direct frame of supply chain and thus encouraged the process of producing and supplying organic cotton. We help in running organic cotton cultivation projects.
We are certified under Eco Cert Certifications as well as control union for our organic cotton projects. And we are trading aggressively in organic cottons.


We understand and respect our dependability on our farmers for the procurement of raw cotton. To play on global level we knew the fact of taking famers together to win the game. To obtain high quality cotton and to secure it we educate our farmers to produce the global standard quality cotton. We initiated the clubbing of farmers of marathavada and other nearby regions to get them understand and produce best standard cotton and earn handsome price for their produces.