About Us

Mr. Rasdeep Singh Chawla a visionary who has seen a dream and established Puneet group in the year 2005 inaugurated its first plant Puneet Enterprises intending to manufacture and supply quality cotton and its different products. The plant does not just manufacture quality cotton bales but is also a recognized supplier of different other quality products like cotton seeds, cotton cakes, cotton seed hulls with other agricultural products like maize, soya bean, wheat.
Starting with Puneet Enterprises and witnessing a success of Puneet group. An another establishment was the idea developed under the name of Manjeet oil products that produced quality cotton wash oil and cotton seed cakes. The cotton cake produced here is celebrating its popularity under the name “Makhan Dhara” a very famous animal feed brand in central and West Indian regions.
We work towards bringing leverage between our farmers and market. We not only see ourselves producing quality cotton but also produce organic cotton to enhance the future of cotton and our farmers.


The vision of the company is to work from roots and reaching to the heights complying with all ethical rules. The company look forward to achieve growth by involving farmers to obtain quality cotton from them and employing conventional as well as non conventional methods to produce the best product. We emphasise in developing strong channel of production and supply, with a further aim of advancement in the field of spinning, weaving and textiles.


The main mission that rules the deck of our company is to produce high quality products, engaging the farmers to produce the best cotton in their fields and employing state of the art technologies to excel in very corner of our business as well as a check over price and quality control. We believe in loyalty not only with our customers but with our vendors too.
• Our aim is to deliver innovative qualitative commodities on competitive price.
• Ensuring consumer satisfaction.
• Expanding business and upliftment of society by way of our services.


At Puneet enterprises we enable the production of quality cotton and it’s by products such as cotton seeds, cotton seed oil, cotton seed cake, cotton seed hulls along with other agricultural products such as wheat, maize, soya bean. Puneet enterprises established its first automatic ginning plant in the year 2002 under the visionary proprietor Mr. Rasdeep Singh Chawla. We knew the real essence of success lies in maintaining the quality at each level.
Our staff comprises of a dedicated personals that ensure quality control at each level. From the very beginning of procuring raw material from farmers to final products, the whole process goes under check by the special quality inspectors. Mandatory and important tests are done to promote high quality material and compliance to set ethical norms. We ensure our staff understands the whole process and make sure they follow the company norms religiously. Enabling no contamination in the products that are offered by the company and no compromise with the quality of the products, the process is managed and handled by the experienced experts and professionals in the area.


At Puneet enterprises quality is what kept at priority. From top managers to every member of the company is dedicated towards producing high quality products whether it be cotton bales or other products. We believe in promising quality future and zero compromise in the quality of products we supply.
We surely understand to achieve the quality; it is prominent to start it from the very initial step. Right from obtaining raw material from farmers, it is crucial to select superior quality to achieve quality at every next level of production. The company aspires to become one of the leading manufacturers of high quality cotton supplies and earn loyalty from its consumers.