Cotton Bales

At Puneet Enterprises we excel in the quality of fully pressed cotton bales that are produced in our fully automatic state of the art plant. We deal both in domestic as well as global markets. For the production, our key emphasis is on quality and for the same we have quality inspectors that keep a check at each level of production. We are dedicated towards an error free process wherein we procure raw cotton (Kapas) from the farmers. We separate the raw cotton from the impurities and turn it into contamination free cotton. Cotton is then compressed in press machines to form in bales. We encourage proper packaging to avoid any damaging and keep safe the quality of the cotton.

We deal in diverse portfolio of cotton:

Shankar 06 Grade- SM

Shankar 06 Grade- Middling

J-34 S/G  Grade- SLM

J-34 R/G  Grade- SLM

MECH-1 Super Grade




Better Cotton

Reel Cotton (Approved under CAN sourcing)

Organic Cotton – Conventional, Reel Cotton, Better Cotton, ( Control Union Certification)